( Brand Awareness Campaign )

Year 2013
Deliverables Digital Strategy Social Media Management Video Production Facebook App Development

A digital interaction campaign has been developed to enhance the brand awareness of Kliksa among the young users. The campaign which lasted for 30 days aims to interact the target audience with the brand and high-end technological equipments. The participants have experienced the newest products by the brand: Google Glass and PS4. The Kliklife Project as a whole consisted of variety of steps both digital and offline: Kliklife Experience Room, Wearable Technology PhotoShoot with BlankMag, Facebook ads and social media contests. 547 photos were submitted to Facebook App developed for the project, 'Kazandıran Klik' and Facebook likes of the page increased by 35% to 103.000 people. Overall, the brand awareness has increased by %150.

Facebook App

BlankMag x Bahar Kongel for Kliksa: Wearable Technology

Kliksa Experience Room